Have you noticed that no matter how many birds fly in the sky it is never ever filled up? No matter how many animals there are in the forest, it is never ever filled up. No matter how many aquatic animals there are in the sea, it is never ever filled up. Nature has made it so.

Yes, in the same way no matter how many human beings there are in world, it is never ever filled up.

God created the world, in such a way that there is always enough to cater for everyone.

No matter how many missionaries there are in the world, the mission is never ever completed because as at now there are still so many places that haven’t yet heard the GOSPEL.

No matter how many Medical Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Lawyers, Painters, Fashion designers, Artists, and so on, the space is never ever filled up. Nature has provided sufficient space for every one to grow and thrive.

The only problem is human greed and selfishness. Greed and egoistic tendencies doesn’t allow the space and resources to go round. So that while one person has too much, the other has nothing.

Do you think there are no poor person in the Native community of Bill Gates, Dangote and the rest of the so-called Richest men? Haven’t you heard that there are some homeless and unemployed men and women in Los Angeles,N York,London and Berlin? This is the stark contrast of reality that faces the human community.

However, never be afraid. God has created enough space for everyone to thrive. While there are committed men and women who are working hard to change the present status quo, you keep working on your dreams and believe that there will be space for that dreams to thrive.

The beauty of life is in living it. The fulfillment in life comes in sharing that life with others. Live and work but create space for others to also live and work.

The greatest wealth is health and the greatest beauty of the human community is in sharing with others. Share your knowledge, share your dreams, share your time but most importantly also share or create space for others.

Everyone wishes to live to see a better world and society. A society where everyone attains their dreams or at least everyone has a space to live and contribute his or her quota to the human project.

Nature has created space for everyone to live and strive. Do not stifle or close the space meant for others. And you know what? The current space you have now was occupied by others before you and will be occupied by others after you. Create space for others or atleast don’t close it against others.

Try to be a destiny helper when you are opportuned. Inspire others. Teach others. Share knowledge and vital information. Do not hoard information from those who will need them to thrive. Help others to live and thrive.

At the end of this life, we are compelled to leave behind our spaces for others we do not even know. You will be happy in death to know how many spaces you created for others. Live and let others live or at least do not stifle or close the spaces for others.

Valentine Umoh