The society can only get better if we keep to the barest minimum our individual/selfish (egoistic) interest in order to pursue a collective/common good.

Building a better society has never been easy because the activists for a better society must fight against those who currently enjoy the status quo.

As Alhaji Musa will always ask: “Dubai wey fine like this, no be human beings dey live here?” If the society becomes better, we shall all be its beneficiaries. If the status quo is maintained, the majority suffers, only a few benefits from it. In that case some become more Akwa Ibomites than others, more Nigerians than others as the case may be.

Change in society is always effected when the masses become aware of their rights and privileges which have been denied or suppressed. It is the rights of the citizens to know how their common fund is expended, to make those who govern them responsible and proactive by being transparent, accountable and people-oriented in the policies they legislate and projects they execute.

No one says you shouldn’t build estates or mansions in all the big cities. But it is called corruption when a public official, government functionary or an elected representative does so at the expense of public funds meant for the common good.

Only if all the public funds stolen from our treasury were used for infrastructural and human development of our people, state and country, we would have gone a long way. But, do we fold our hands and allow the syphoning to continue? NO. Enough is Enough. This is 2020, the third decade of the 21century.

What excuse or logic do we still have that we can’t even boast of at least 12hours of electricity per day? Is it that we do not have enough waters to generate hydroelectricity, or that we don’t have enough sunshine to generate solar energy, or we do not have enough wind for wind energy, or we lack green fields?

What excuse do we still have that health insurance schemes, pension funds and housing schemes suffer the same story of hijack, kidnap and malfunctional?

What excuse do we still have that Transport is still a problem as options for the poor masses are limited (only road). And that has become a death trap as a result of the poor state of the roads especially for Inter-State travels and as well as the poor condition of the vehicles used by some transport companies.

What excuse do we still have that quality education has become beyond the reach of the children of the common man? Countries which value education of their Children make it a priority, some go as far as making it totally free for their children (as such strangers pay heavily for it to cover up).

What excuse do we still have that products/graduates of our universities are unemployable except they undergo another one to two years training programs or Masters programs or even Doctorate programs (which in civilized countries are only reserved for those designated for the academia)?

These and many others are the questions that concerned citizens should ask and demand answers from those who govern them.

Society becomes better when the number of enlightened citizens are greater than those not adequately informed. But in our case, even a significant number of the enlightened population end up becoming sycophants and praise singers and are contented with the peanuts instead of fighting to ensure a better, habitable and sustainable development of society. In this case, ours is a story of a society in coma, a society at the mercy of those who have plunge us into poverty and slavery and are ready to impoverish and enslave us the more…

Say NO to sycophancy!
Join the league of enlightened citizens who want an improved society we can all benefit and call our own. And so demand responsibility, accountability and transparency from those who presently govern us…