A day like this, two thousand years ago, the Magi from the East approached Bethlehem. They already felt close to the Child. They sensed that he had been born and their hearts burned with longing awaiting the moment to meet Him. Along the way, the suffocating heat of the desert, the cold of the nights, the fatigue of the journey … everything seemed to disappear and instead, a mixture of joy, nerves, anxiety and joy invaded them. The long awaited moment had arrived.

Isn’t this wonderful!!! It is the end of their journey. All to find the One who was greater than all the kings of the earth … “the King of kings and Lord of lords”, they would call him years later … and they found him wrapped in diapers and lying in a small manger … surrounded by shepherds and animals. The Greatness and Majesty were hidden in the smallness and humility of that defenseless baby.

But the Magi looked with the eyes of faith and they bowed down to touch their faces to the ground to worship him. He was the one they were looking for. They had found the Messiah …! We also meet Jesus every time we celebrate Holy Mass … HE is there, waiting for us in the consecrated Host. But we have become accustomed to his Presence … and we have ceased to be amazed at the Mystery of a close God … who wants to let himself be found by us.

On this year’s Feast of the Epiphany, I wish that we learn to look beyond evidence to see the great Mystery that we have in front of us. Let us ask the Magi for the gift of a living, ardent and expectant faith so that our next Eucharist will be one full of astonishment before the living and real Presence of our God!

Happy Feast of Epiphany of the Lord

January 6, 2021