Truth: the only crime of John the Baptist

You cannot read the story of the brutal murder

of John the Baptist (Mk 6:17-29)

Without feeling sorry for him

He died for telling the truth

John “the voice crying in the desert”

Did not hesitate to accuse the guilty

Did not hesitate to speak the truth

He was murdered for telling the truth

Was he the only one who knew of Herod´s illicit marriage?

Was he the only one who knew Herod was wrong?

Was he the only one who frowned at such immorality?

He was killed because he was the only one who dared to speak up

Conscience is a very strong moral faculty

God created in the human being

It doesn’t spare even the tyrant king

Once it is activated, peace of mind is lost

How do you sleep Herod?

How do you sleep Herodias?

Knowing you have killed the innocent

Just for speaking out

How do you sleep Herod?

How do you sleep Herodias?

Persecuting and hunting down

All who dared to condemn your atrocious acts

John the Baptist was killed

But did that change the fact

That Herod snatched his brother´s wife

Like a shameless thief in broad day light

You may kill the prophet, the witness

But you cannot murder the fact, the truth

You can assassinate the bearer of the truth

But Truth is immortal, it will always vindicate itself now or later.

Herod´s story has so many echoes in modern history

Even in our day, the plot is acted out on a daily basis

Repent, Oh you, Herods and Herodias

Reform your ways, accept truth and live.

There is always an end to those who oppress others

Did Herod himself not die? Didn’t Herodias die?

Killing others for rebuking you won’t make you immortal

Nor will the truth be subdued forever.

You, who steal public funds

You, who owe the poor their wages

You, who seat on the poor man´s promotion

Won´t you act a Herod when asked to account?

Do the right thing and if you make mistake

Acknowledge and make amends

Life is simple but greed makes it complicated

Power always comes to an end

“It´s not right to have your brother´s wife”

Although John was killed but it didn’t make it right

In the end for Herod to have his brother´s wife

Killing the prophet didn’t change the truth.  



Memorial Martyrdom of John the Baptist