We are all gifted differently affirms Saint Paul in 1Cor 12: 8-11, 28-30, Rom 12: 6-8 also see Eph 4: 11-16)

There is no one who is not gifted but like the parable of the talents in the synoptics it depends on us to develop what’s in us. Gifts and talents when no developed or utilized amounts to no talent.

We are all gifted because as affirmed Pope Benedict XVI “each one of us is a product of the conscious thought of God,” no one comes into being by accident.

So instead of dissipate energy running down another person who is putting some efforts to develop his talents and so efficiently puts it into use; instead of gossiping about someone’s else efforts unnecessarily; instead of criticizing endlessly and aimlessly, use that same energy and zeal to develop your own God-given talents.

There is never a time when it’s too early or too late to develop that talent you have. Any time is a good time but NOW is a better time.

In addition, Pope Francis says that you and I are the “Now” of God.

Never feel it’s too late…
You’ve got to try something…