OH MONEY… How weak and deceptive you are!

Money can buy a house but not a home; money can buy a book and certificate but not knowledge; money can buy a clock but not time; money can buy a bed but not sleep; money can earn a title but not respect; money can earn many friends but not friendship and true love; money can bribe the court but not justice nor integrity; money can falsify documents but not kill the truth.

In the end both Lazarus and the Rich man will die. So money is helpless in the face of death; can’t even defend man against a mere cancer and other terminal diseases. So we work all day to earn what cannot even guarantee us true happiness; we neglect the important keys to happiness and inner peace. We destroy family relationship and friendship. We end marriages and abandon our loved ones in their need all in pursuit of MONEY!

Young girls and boys on Instagram and other social media are now posting nudes to get many followers and credit via the Google Ad Sense. Yes, if you don’t post nude you won’t get many followers so they think. Many turn fashion models and designers on Instagram just to attract unsuspecting customers to their main business (don’t ask me) via the DM. All in a bit to achieve self sufficiency and independency. After gaming and gaining all the money they will soon discover that they still have many unsatisfied needs. Indeed, the deepest human needs are never satisfied with money. Money is weak. Love, joy, happiness and peace are never guaranteed by how much is in your account.

Man finds fulfilment in not how much he gets but how much he is able to give back to society: family, friends and country. Giving back is not how much money you give back to the society but how much your knowledge effected change in your immediate environment; how much time you dedicated to your family, friends and country. You give back to society by the good home you are able to raise and build. One good child raised is a gift to the society. Society is already suffering from the multiplicity of problems emanating from broken homes and marriages. If you build just one peaceful, happy and united family, you will have given back so much to the society.

No one is gonna live forever, but everyone wishes to have lived a fulfilled life. Living a fulfilled and happy life is never guaranteed by money but by your attitude towards life, your neighbours and the society. Share the little time, talents and treasures you have and help make the world a better place!

O Lord teach us the number of our days that we may learn wisdom of heart!

Valentine UMOH