Don’t be afraid of your past…

Don’t be intimated by the anxieties of the future

Be confident about today

That’s all that matters

Don’t forget to appreciate yourself because you have come a long way through thin and thick of life.

It’s a bad idea to give up hope now after all what you have gone through in the past…

Get closer to the mirror and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation reflected therein

You are unique…

There’s only one version of you in the world…

Encourage yourself even when you fail

Pick up the scraps even when you have messed up

Don’t let criticism of the onlookers weigh you down; they aren’t inside of you to know the way you feel or what you’ve been through

Don’t forget to look up to the Almighty

He gives strength to the weary

And comforts those who are weighed down

Valentine Umoh


Happy Weekend friends